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Why Willowbrook?

Here at Willowbrook Riser Recliners, we have used our 20 years’ experience in mobility products to manufacture and supply riser recliner chairs to over 60,000 customers throughout South Africa, the United Kingdom and Europe. Now proudly made in South Africa, it is the answer to those that struggle to stand up from a sitting position. Our chairs have also proven to offer positional relief from common painful ailments such as back pain, arthritis and hiatus hernia.


The simple hand-held control on all of our recliners drives a low-voltage motor that will adjust the chair to the position that suits you best, from reclining to fully risen. Most importantly, our patented lift and recline action is one of the best available. Some cheaper models often have a scissor action which means they have one weight-load point, making the recliner less stable. Often these cheaper models will only tilt forward and not rise to best assist you to the standing position. Our recliners spread weight evenly across a platform, ensuring optimum stability, maximising your comfort and ensuring that you stand up easily and safely.