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How it works?


Willowbrook riser recliners have been specifically designed and built for making standing and sitting an effortless task. Purchased in the main by those suffering with weakness to the arms, hands, knees and hips. A Willowbrook riser recliner will bring the user to their feet and back into a range of sitting or reclining positions easily and smoothly at the press of a button.

The importance of selecting the right sized riser recliner.

At Willowbrook, we understand that not everyone is the same size, shape, weight or height- so neither are our chairs! During your no obligation free home demonstration we can take all the details we need to hand build a chair which is perfectly sized to fit you. This takes into account the correct seat depth, width height and foot position for you (see below) so your recliner will give you the best possible support and comfort. You can try one of our riser recliners and with experienced advice from one of our fully trained advisors, we can make sure that you will have the right size for you.

Find the perfect position for you.


A luxurious armchair, orthopaedically designed for the correct amount of support and comfort.


Putting your feet up and reclining the back section, you have an ideal position for reading or watching TV.


The ultimate in luxury – lie back and enjoy some music, snooze or receive a massage from the optional built-in therapy system.


For many of us, the simple task of getting into and out of a chair has become a chore. Now, at the touch of a button, access is made easy.